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Vodka or Beer? Pros and Cons of These Beverages

Vodka or Beer? Among the variety of alcoholic beverages the most popular in Russia are beer and vodka. It is difficult to give preference to one of them. To facilitate the choice I suggest we carry out a comparative analysis that will help us understand what is better: beer or vodka. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each alcohol. The following arguments are made in defense of beer: • Pleasant taste and smell • Good thirst quencher • Contains a minimal amount of alcohol • Has a tonic effect • Intoxication occurs gradually, so easier to control...

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Cherry beer recipe – Do it yourself!

Cherry beer recipe In traditional brewing technology they use only hop, malt, water, and yeast. But the Belgian experts went on and came up with cherry beer. Many liked the fruit taste, so cherry beer has become popular not only in Belgium but also in other countries. Nowadays you can buy in the store or make it at home following a simple recipe. Cherry beer is an alcoholic beverage, which is a form of Lambic (Belgian beer), during the production of which dried red cherries are added to barrels before the fermentation. In Belgium cherry beer is called “Kriek”...

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Butterbeer recipe – Harry Potter’s Favorite Beverage

Butterbeer recipe People hooked on Harry Potter stories know that this fairy-tale character and his wizard fellows love to drink butterbeer. It turns out that this beverage really exists, and it was found in the days of the Tudors (royal family of England). Butterbeer was considered a signature recipe of monarchs. We’ll look over a few popular ways of its making (soft and alcoholic) Butterberr is Harry Potter’s favorite beverage which consists of ice cream, milk, and sweeteners. In the classic version it is soft, because it’s prepared mainly for children, but there are recipes that turn this cocktail...

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Can You Get Fat From Beer? The Right Answer to the Question

Can You Get Fat From Beer? Drinking beer leads to weight gain, that’s what its opponents say. Indeed, many beer enthusiasts have a visible “beer” belly of impressive size. But its appearance is only indirectly related to beer. The real reason lies in other aspect of beer culture. In some countries beer is called “liquid bread” because it’s made from barley. Hence the myth of its high caloric content arose. In fact, beer is one of the most low calorie alcoholic beverages, with only 29-53 kcal per 3.5 oz/100 grams. For comparison, the calorie content vodka is 231-250, that...

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How Beer is made – Industrial brewing proccess

How Beer is made? Beer making is one of the most difficult processes in the food industry. To obtain high quality beverage brewers need to take into account the many nuances and carefully select ingredients. Next we’ll have a look at the important stages of brewing technology which is used by most modern factories. First, let’s find out is beer made from. In classic technology only four components are allowed: Malt – a product obtained from the germination of grain seeds. In order to produce beer barley is used which passes malting – a process that facilitates the germination...

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