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Moonshine, Vodka

Best Moonshine & Vodka recipes. Make your own delicious and tasty homemade drink.

Feijoa Moonshine Recipe

Exotic distillate with an original ­­­smell and barely noticeable flavor of raw materials. Feijoa moonshine can be made from any kind of feijoa including store-bought fruits which are not fit for sale. Let’s start with the right wash recipe and distillation technology. Theory. Ripe feijoa contains 6-10% of sugar. That means …

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Date Moonshine Recipe

Date moonshine recipe

Date moonshine is favored for its light smoky flavor with a fruity accent. Taking into account the expenses, overdue or unconditional raw materials are usually used. Even moldy dates can are fine—high-temperature cooking will take care of any fungus. However, it’s important that you remove rotten fruits which tincture bitterness. …

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Blackberry Moonshine recipe

Blackberry moonshine recipe

In order to improve organoleptic properties, it is preferred to use wine or wild (on the surface of berries) yeast, because distillers, baker’s dry or compressed yeast almost completely offset the delicate berry flavor. The only flaw that wild and wine yeast have is that fermentation lasts 3-5 times longer. …

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How to make Apricot Moonshine

homemade Apricot moonshine

Apricot Moonshine recipe In the classic recipe without yeast and sugar that is one of the most aromatic fruit distillates with a soft sophisticated taste. The technique of making apricot moonshines depends on the main aim: the quality, yield or time consumption. We’ll look over all of these variants. You …

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The Difference between Whiskey and Vodka

Whiskey or Vodka

Whiskey or Vodka? In Russia strong alcohol holds 70-75% of the consumption. But if vodka used to be an absolute leader before, then in the last years its share has significantly lowered due to cognac, whisky, rum, and tequila. Although, not everyone knows the difference between imported liquors and Russian …

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Moonshine whiskey recipe – Turn alcohol into whiskey

Moonshine Whiskey recipe

Homemade Whisky from Alcohol The taste of ethanol diluted with water can be improved by infusing it with specially prepared oak chips (pegs). You’ll get homemade whiskey which most people won’t be able to distinguish from real whisky. I will talk about timber harvesting technology and infusion technique. Caution! This …

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