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Cherry beer recipe – Do it yourself!

Homemade cherry beer drink

Cherry beer recipe In traditional brewing technology they use only hop, malt, water, and yeast. But the Belgian experts went on and came up with cherry beer. Many liked the fruit taste, so cherry beer has become popular not only in Belgium but also in other countries. Nowadays you can …

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Butterbeer recipe – Harry Potter’s Favorite Beverage

Butterbeer recipe - harry potters beverage

Butterbeer recipe People hooked on Harry Potter stories know that this fairy-tale character and his wizard fellows love to drink butterbeer. It turns out that this beverage really exists, and it was found in the days of the Tudors (royal family of England). Butterbeer was considered a signature recipe of …

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How Beer is made – Industrial brewing proccess

How beer is made - beer production

How Beer is made? Beer making is one of the most difficult processes in the food industry. To obtain high quality beverage brewers need to take into account the many nuances and carefully select ingredients. Next we’ll have a look at the important stages of brewing technology which is used …

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Homemade Beer recipe a Traditional Recipe

Homemade beer recipe a tradional way

Homemade beer recipe Homemade beer compares favorably to cheap store-bought counterparts due to its intense flavor, dense foam, and lack of preservatives. You get a beverage that contains nothing unnecessary. I’ll show you how to brew beer following the classic recipe, using only traditional ingredients: hops, malt, water, and yeast. …

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Ginger Beer recipe

Ginger beer recipe

Alcoholic and Non-Alcohol Homemade Ginger Beer recipes Among all types of beer there’s one that stands apart – ginger beer (ale). Actually, this beverage is reminiscent of real beer only because of its color and foam, in classic form it’s a low-alcohol beer. But we’ll look over a few recipes …

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