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How to Stop Wine Fermentation

stop wine fermentation

Three Methods of Stopping Fermentation of Homemade Wine The necessity to stop fermentation before all sugar has not processed into alcohol or wine has not yet reached its maximum potency (natural causes of stopping) is often caused by a desire to speed up the preparation process or to keep the …

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How Long Does Wine Last?

how long wine lasts

Everything You Need to Know About the Shelf Life of Wine When buying a large batch of wine in bottles remember that unlike vodka, whiskey or cognac this lively beverage requires special storage conditions. Wine can be stored in a dark cool place, but in case of long-term keeping you …

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Bilberry Wine recipe

bilberry wine recipe

You can make excellent homemade wines from wild blueberries (Bilberry) reminiscent of grape wines. But bilberries ferment really tough, even the smallest mistake can ruin everything. That’s why I recommend you to follow the instructions and take care of keeping everything sterile. Pathogens must not enter the must. Only fresh ripe …

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Blackberry Wine Recipe

Blackberry wine recipe

 How to make Blackberry Wine Aside from preserve, jam, and compote you can use blackberries to make a very tasty and slightly harsh wine with a color slightly resembling grape wine. Its recipe is as solid as a rock. In Serbia this beverage is called “drunken blackberry”. They make it …

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Why Wine Turns into Vinegar

Wine turns into Vinegar

Even the finest wine becomes sour and unfit for consumption after a few days of being uncorked. Simply put, it turns into vinegar. Home winemakers are well aware of the souring problem, because it can spoil any wine (apple, grape, cherry, etc.). We’ll consider the reasons behind wine souring and …

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Sweet Cherry wine recipe

Sweet cherry wine recipe 2

Sweet chery wine recipe If you have enough berries, I suggest you look up this simple sweet cherry wine recipe. In a few months you’ll get excellent beverage which you can put on the table with no shame. Aside from the sweet cherries you’ll need sugar, citric acid, and water. …

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Peach Wine recipe

homemade peach wine recipe

With enough of fruits I suggest you make a peach wine following this recipe. You’ll end up with a fragrant beverage of light-yellow color with a light pleasant flavor and notes of almond. Peaches of all varieties will do fine. It is considered that wild varieties are more suitable for …

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Date Wine recipe

homemade date wine

Homemade Date Wine In the East they call dates “the bread of the desert” for their high energy value. Only few know that it is possible to make homemade date wine with a unique flavor from these regular sweets. The recipe and technology can be seen below. Dates of all …

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Blueberry wine recipe

blueberry wine recipe

Homemade blueberry wine has a beautiful ruby-red tone, pleasant smell, and a balanced taste with some grape notes. We’ll go through the right recipe of homemade wine. It’s a snap, the main thing is to follow the technology. For blueberry wine you’ll need ripe juicy berries, you shouldn’t use overripe …

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