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How to Make Port Wine – Dessert Drink Recipe

Port wine is a type of fortified wine that is made exclusively in Portugal adhering to a unique technology. We’ll go over the adapted classic port wine recipe so that you could make your own best port wine at home. The port recipe is fairly simple, but you’ll have to make some calculations. To make homemade port with a premeasured ABV and sugar content, you’ll have to obtain certain winemaking equipment­: alcoholometer and saccharimeter. If you don’t have these, you’ll have to take measurements by eye, using approximate values. Most types of port are made from red grapes but...

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Homemade Ossetian Beer

Ossetian beer is a low alcohol carbonated drink (1-9 degrees) of brown or black color. Its taste is very reminiscent of black kvass but it also has hints of hoppy bitterness. Porter is the closest traditional beer style. This article goes over the beer-making method which stays true to the classic technique but is also adapted to home conditions. Note. The following recipe can offend experienced brewing masters as it only vaguely resembles the classic technique of mashing and brewing. The Ossetian beer can be classified as a hopped brew or a separate low-alcohol drink, but it is not...

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Pear Cider Recipe – Delicious Homemade Pear Cider

In England, this drink is known as Perry, in France as Pure, and in Spain as Parada. All of these drinks, however, share something—they all can be called pear cider, a low-alcohol carbonated drink resembling champagne. We’ll go over the technology of making cider from pear juice at home. This method is more or less simple and requires a minimal list of ingredients. It is recommended not to wash the pears to keep the wild yeast on their surface as it promotes fermentation. If the fruits are very dirty just wipe them with a piece of dry fabric. Any...

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Homemade Honey Liqueur Krupnikas Recipe

All European nations made honey alcoholic drinks and drank them recreationally or as a medicine. This Slavic drink is called Krupnik. Essentially, it’s a honey liqueur flavored with herbs and other spices. Connoisseurs of sweet alcoholic drinks should definitely give this recipe a try. Krupnik is an old, strong (25-35%) liqueur made with honey, vodka, and spices. Sometimes berries or fruits are added as well. The drink is served cold as a dessert drink or hot as a warming drink. If drunk moderately, it can strengthen the immune system and cure a cold. Krupnik is often confused with other...

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Arak – The Anise Trademark of the East

Arak (or Araq) is a group of alcoholic drinks (40-60% ABV) that are anise infused distillates. Most commonly it has yellow, gold, white or clear color. arak is widespread across the Middle East, Central Asia, and Balkans. Its taste and technology are reminiscent of Greek vodka Ouzo, Bulgarian Mastika, Italian sambuca, and Turkish Rakia. The name arak comes from Arabic araq, meaning “perspiration.” This drink was given such name because of the wash distillation process, during which the obtained distillate drips into the container along the elongated nozzle. arak was invented about 300 years ago in the East. The...

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